Fashion: There is growing market

Moda en Ecuador en pleno crecimiento

Articulo de prensa

Just to give an example we have taken a proposed manabita designer with extensive experience in the world of national fashion, her creations are especially wedding dresses, and has mounted since a few months ago his company. The Pablo Bailon is a montecristense based in Manta and is already recognized nationally for his creations.

PBC: in a growing market

Pablo Bailon Couture (Couture: the French “to measure”) is the company’s designer of the same name, with 12 years of experience in academic training and work in the United States in the world of fashion, bridal and specialized envestidos has ppuntal seen the Manta base and to start their business actividaes.

“This is a growing market because there are demand and my designs are available to all segments of the same, of course there designs, so it all depends on the customer …” he explained designed who has studied the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York (FITNYC) worked in fashion houses as Amsalle, Manale and Junko Joshoka, all in New York.

He added that chose Manta as a city with a profile very interesting growth in activity, without trying to demean other manabitas cities, only in practical terms the development of the city in the commercial and industrial aspects, “carrying hand to other aspects such as fashion and there are with our business and commercial … proposal, “he said.

Expands its scope

In a short time it has already expanded its scope to Guayaquil, where he is forming an interesting customer base and gradually is entering Quito, as this revealing their work in different Fashion Week organized in these locations. It is noteworthy that as mentioned earlier in this article, is a real industry that holds many sectors and employs thousands of people, in order of: business events and public relations, fashion houses, schools and modeling agencies , advertising, transportation, lighting and sound and more “that moves and generates thousands of dollars in endorsements alone, say that sales of the work of the designers and the participation of models, and this activity must be always creative, compete with quality products and services as in any other business, “he said.

His competition: department stores

Without trying to demean other Ecuadorian and unpretentious designers noted that no direct competition from them, but from big clothing stores nationwide that sell their products (dresses) with designs made in series and the work done It is only for those who intend to use, “there lies the difference between my products and services with the competition. Of course we have to be better in all aspects so that there is loyalty to the client and rede referral is generated for ensure consumption of the product sheets services Pablo Bailon Couture “he said.

Integration services

He said his business, how could it be otherwise, is governed by trends, but not only by fashion trends but the governing business activities, in which the integration of services stands for the highest client satisfaction.

As his is the design of wedding dresses, it joins people working with him in the assembly of their designs and working directly with the client, also has a person working on the matching accessories for this type of clothing, and which will incorporate companies or persons working in relation to the prior preparation of the client and not have to go elsewhere to get her hair, makeup and dress, so ocmo transportation to the place of the ceremony his team. “This is in order to ensure the satisfaction of who purchase our product sheets services, and receive quality with unique …” he said.

“Who he says fashion is superficial, is totally wrong. It is an activity that generates billions of dollars worldwide and only vast hear on TV or read in the newspapers millionaire salaries of designers, models and profits fashion houses and the realization of events of this nature … “he finally said Bailon.