Pablo Bailon: Fashion from the La Pila to the world


His hands print outlines what your thinking. Each line each stroke, has something of his life, that he saw the first light over 40 years ago in his native La Pila Parish of Montecristi.

There between ceramics and agriculture, his uncle, the sewing industry, guided him in his first steps. Bailon showed interest in sewing, but never dreamed of getting away.

Achievement represents an effort. The young Paul left his land, his family, his roots, to pursue success. We expected a completely different world, we expect haute couture.

Already in the United States specifically in New York, he specialized in “Fashion and Technology Institute” there began to translate their knowledge in various design houses international fame as Amsale Aberra, Manale and Bonaparte. But more than creating designs for lovers of high costuraen American country, this manabita artist, who by the end of the 90s created “Pablo Bailon Couture” wanted to exhibit their works in his home country.

His first designs were exposed in Ecuador is called “Expo Your Wedding” of the Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce held in 2004.

That was his platform to present their creations in the country characterized by its simplicity, good taste.

In 2005 he was invited to the event by private fashions Fashion Week in New York, creating a dress “couture” inspired by indigenous women of Ecuador.

Manta Boutique

After entering their creations to his native Ecuador this montecristense decided to open the boutique “couture” in Manta Jocay Square.